BINGO is a game every child LOVES to play! But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be educational as well! We’ve paired the best of both worlds with our educational bingo games! Bingo is a game is based compleely on luck, making it fair for even the youngest of children.

When you use themeatic BINGO boards, such as our free Shape Bingo printables, you’ll not only be having fun in your classroom, but you’ll be help students learn to identify shapes and their names.

These free bingo printables print two boards to a sheet. If you want them to last longer in your classroom, laminate them before cutting the boards apart. That way you’ll add stregenth and durability to them, which will come in handy when your children are asking to play again and again.

These boards does contain some duplicate shapes, so there is some strategy involved in the game play. You’ll want to be sure to come alongside your younger students and show them opportunities to make a good play when they have multiple locations they can cover.

There are three pages in total with two boards on each sheet, giving you 6 bingo boards. So, print what you will need for your classroom, understanding that any number over 6 might result in multiple winners (depending on the strategy involved).

2 D Shape Bingo Game:

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