Shape Crafts For Preschoolers

Shapes worksheets are brilliant teaching tools for your preschoolers to build from the basics. Tracing, coloring, and cutting shapes helps them identify geometric shapes, practice fine motor skills, and even develop concentration skills. Plus, having handy shape crafts for preschoolers will generate so much fun and learning! Learning shapes can be an important skill to cover in Preschool.

Once students have a grasp on the basic shapes, you can introduce them to the idea of shapes-in-shapes! Explain, that sometimes we can find shapes hidden inside other shapes, depending on the way we cut them apart. For example, cutting a triangle horizontally creates a smaller triangle and a trapezoid. (See Shapes Activity Below)

Our FREE Cut & Paste Shape Worksheets can be used to show shape qualities and to create new picture. Now, before we get to our adorable crafts, let’s talk about the many other benefits to teaching shapes for preschoolers. Did you know that it helps children build an understanding of two-dimensional structures? In addition, they’ll easily recognize the different features of common shapes and develop problem-solving skills! In other words, recognizing and manipulating shapes is a very important skill to have!

Shape Crafts for Preschoolers: Instructions

First, you’ll want to grab these on-hand supplies:

  • Cardstock Paper (variety of colors including white)
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • Glue (stick or bottle)

Next, download your FREE shape craft worksheets listed below and print each type of shape worksheet. (HINT: Try a different colored paper for each shape). Take time to look at each shape and the shapes found inside the shape. Help children identify any shapes they have difficulty naming. Then, instruct children to cut out all of the shapes according to the instructions. Don’t forget to cut out the drawing in the top right-hand corner as a helper for each activity! This helper is intended to inspire children of things they can make with the individual shapes. They don’t have to make these specific pictures.

Now let’s get to some creative ideas for your preschooler. Below are some fun designs your child get put together with just a little help using these templates!

House Shape Craft Activity using Trapezoids

Let’s begin with this creative triangle shape worksheet. Simply cut out the shape according to instructions at the top of your printable. Then, position it on white cardstock paper.

Ask your preschooler (using the picture shown), to organize the shape based on the image. Once he/she has the shape in the appropriate place, it’s now time for the glue!

Next, you can help your preschooler draw the rest of the house using rectangle shapes in different sizes! Don’t forget to use the picture as a comparision model!

Dog Craft Activity using Shapes Sheet

It’s amazing what you can create with shapes — especially Triangles! Would you ever suspect you could create a dog with three sided triangles and a square? It’s certainly possible using this template and image as a guide. Just add body, bow, and any other features your innovative child imagines.

Ice Cream Cone Craft Activity using Shapes Printable

Yum — ice cream cones are delicious and fun to make using this awesome shape worksheet! Just follow the instructions on the free shapes printable and you’ll have a beautiful stack of ice cream scoops in no time. And, don’t be surprised if their creations look so good that you’re heading to ice cream shop as a reward!

Popcorn Craft Design using Shapes Worksheet

Got plans to see a movie with the kids? My kids love watching movies together as a family. Why not try this simple craft with your little ones by using shapes to create a popcorn bucket! All that’s needed is a triangle, trapezoid, and a little imagination!

Free Shapes in Shapes Printable Activities:

It’s absolutely amazing how shapes for preschoolers work perfectly for versatility. And, they prepare them for the next level – writing and drawing in a more orderly fashion! Grab your free printable shapes worksheets today below that include a HUGE variety of shapes. All your child needs to do is add their special mind magic!

Gift Square Shapes Printable

Create a gift box using simple squares in this free cut and paste printable!

Pizza Rhombus Shapes Sheet

Practice fine motor skills and a unique shape with this easy pizza rhombus shapes sheet!

Kite Triangles Shapes Printable

Build your own kite with just 4 triangles — add some string and bows for extra appeal.

Bus Square Shape Cutting Sheet

Create a fun bus by simply using this square shape worksheet — add some wheels, color, and even more shapes!

Trapezoid Shape Cutting Worksheet

Teach your child the shape of a trapezoid and build fine motor skills with cutting and pasting this fun dog craft activity!!

Hexagon and Triangle Ice Cream Cone Shapes Activity

Ice Cream is so good, and so is this fun craft using hexagon and triangle shapes to form a triple scoop ice cream cone!

Square and Triangle Volcano Shapes Sheet

It may look like a square, but your preschoolers can make a volcano but cutting out the square into triangles!

Pentagon Shapes House Activity

Build a house with a pentagon shape by following these easy instructions and using a little imagination!

House Triangle and Trapezoid Shapes Worksheet

Turn a trapezoid into a triangle forming a roof of a house using this versatile worksheet.

Stars Pentagons and Triangles Shape Tree Printable

Find a pentagon embedded in a star surrounded by triangles in this fun tree activity!

Trapezoid Shapes and Pizza Activity

Make a pizza by cutting out triangles in this Trapezoid shapes activity.

Pentagon Shapes Worksheet for Pyramids

Build a pyramid or sky’s the limit with this pentagon shape containing 3 sided triangles.

Octagon Shapes Printable

Imagine all of the creations you can make with this octagon shapes printable! It’s a wonderful craft activity for your preschooler!

Hexagon Shapes Sheet

A hexagon has gems hidden inside using this hexagon shapes sheet! Cut along the dotted lines to make a butterfly soar in the air!

Parallelogram Shapes Worksheet

Teach your kids this unique shape by using this parallelogram shapes worksheet! Create a unicorn with a horn!

Lamp Hexagon Shapes Worksheet

Use this versatile hexagon shapes worksheet to make a lamp that turns on your own child’s light bulb of creativity!

Popcorn Pentagon Shapes Sheet

Yum — let’s make a popcorn tub with this fun pentagon cut and paste craft activity!

Pinwheel Octagon Shape Worksheet

Grab this Octagon shape worksheet to teach your kids how to create their own pinwheel with a variety of colors!

Square Shape Sheet for Sailing

Sail away with your new sailboat using this downloadable square shape sheet!

Octagon Shapes Printable

Design your own pizza pie or slices using this fun octagon shape printable. Add some pepperoni, peppers or olives for a tasty treat!

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