Shapes Worksheets for Preschool

Learning to identify shapes and patterns is an important skill you’ll want your preschooler to have! Not only will it pave the way for important math concepts down the road, but it will help build strong visual discrimination skills students can use across all subjects.

Shape Worksheets

Preschool students will likely already have a good understanding of basic shapes, just from exploring the world around them. Many children’s learning toys incorporate shape identification as a target skill. However, there are quite a few obscure shapes that your preschool students might not be familiar with.

Shape worksheets are a simple way to help your child get a grasp for these new and different shapes…while reviewing the ones they do know and building confidence in the process.

Preschool Shapes

This shape identification worksheet covers the following shapes:

  • circle
  • square
  • triangle
  • oval
  • diamond
  • star
  • hexagon
  • heart
  • rectangle
  • trapezoid

Color By Shape:

The premise of the activity page is that students will color each shape flower according to the chart at the top. For young students, who cannot yet read their color words, you might pre-color the shape chart to make an easy reference for them.

Once completed, students will have an entire “garden” of Spring Shape Flowers. These sheets are great for take home preschool activities or for early finishers.

Color by Shape Worksheet:

Color By Shape Worksheet

Students Color by Shape to reveal a garden of Spring flowers. Covers 10 different colors and shapes.

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