The 10 Best Shape Books for Preschool

When children are in their formative preschool years, books are so important for building critical learning skills. While tracing and practicing shapes are necessary for growth, reading about shapes is also key to preschool readiness! That’s why we put together the 10 best shape books for preschoolers!

My Very First Book of Shapes

This Eric Carle classic book about shapes is a perfect for preschoolers so don’t let the title fool you. It not only teaching shapes like round and square, it also includes a interactive game! The book’s format is a split page board book for some matching fun!

Round is a Tortilla: A Book of Shapes

If you want your child to see the significant shapes around them, Round is a Tortilla is the book for you! From watermelon to quesadillas, your preschooler will begin to see the world differently. With color illustrations, rhyming text, and valuable glossary, you can’t go wrong with purchasing this gem!

Shape By Shape

Got a kid who loves dinosaurs? This shapes book for preschool is a wonderful edition to your vast dinosaur collection! This vibrantly colored title introduces the basic shapes like square, circle, triangle, crescent, semicircle, oval, and diamond. You’ll find die cut shapes in sturdy hardstock pages and at the end, a trifold surprise of the entire dinosaur!

The Shape Song Swingalong (Book and CD)

This highly rated audio and video CD and visual book will get your preschooler excited about shapes! Preschoolers love catchy songs and teachers love their learning components! Whether you have a special needs child or preschooler, your kids will enjoy the tunes of The Shape Song Swingalong while reading the visually stimulating pages.

Walter’s Wonderful Web: A First Book About Shapes

This captivating story is about an adorable spider trying to build his web but the wind keeps blowing it down! Find out how this endearing spider rebuilds his sticky trap by using shapes! Walter’s Wonderful Web is a wonderful keepsake book your preschooler will want to read over and over again!

Brown Rabbit’s Shapes 

This Brown Rabbit’s Shapes is part of the Little Rabbit series. It is SO effective for developing the minds of our preschoolers! The illustrations are so delightful and will make you and your child smile! Give your child to opportunity to make new discoveries and practice counting along with these inquisitive characters.

Mouse Shapes

Speaking of adorable characters, you’ll love this story from Mouse Shapes of three little mice and a sneaky cat while learning shapes like oval, circles, and triangles. And, you’ll get in some practice counting as well! It’s a keepsake and favorite in classrooms everywhere!

When a Line Bends … a Shape Begins

Similar to an “I spy” type of book, this charming tale When a Line Ends combines art and math in an easy way for preschoolers to understand. It gets the kids exploring about the shapes in our world. Using practical items to teach unique shapes, this book deserves a safe place on your bookshelf!

My Shapes Book

These shape character cuties in My Shapes Book teach the basic shapes, yet, give your student a fun educational way of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes. In addition, they’ll learn new vocabulary including crescent, croissant, and semicircle. The illustrations are unique and adorable and keep your child’s interest easily. This is an excellent basic shape book for preschoolers.

The Greedy Triangle

This popular classroom book The Greedy Triangle teaches shapes and math concepts (geometry) in simple, yet, fun and fantastic way for preschoolers! They can even make a craft with toothpicks and eat their creation at the end of the book. If you are looking for hands on activities using shapes, try this story — it will keep your kids intrigued with new shapes!

There are so many possibilities with these 10 best shape books for preschoolers! They’re engaging, great for homeschool or classroom use, and even will encourage your child to discover more shapes in their surrounding environment!

Need some fresh ideas with shape crafts for preschoolers? Try these wonderful hands on shape activities you and your preschooler will treasure!

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