Preschool students love the 5 little ducks song and it’s perfect for learning around the springtime or during your farm preschool lessons. The song is so great because it works on counting and lends iteself to many different edcuational opportunities and thematic connections. Plus, there are just so many adorable books about ducks available.

Learning about the five little ducks song, students work on counting, addition, and subtraction.

Number Recognition Activities

For this activity, we are going to use rubber ducks in a new way that will encourage number recognition, order, and counting but I have given you a lot of other ways you can use them as well!

You will need:

  • Rubber ducks
  • Number stickers (Dollar Tree, or just a Black Sharpie)
  • Small manipulatives for counting.


Add number stickers to the bottom of each duck, for younger children you can use just 0-5 or make them up to 10 or higher.

Place the duck’s bottoms down and let your child choose one and lay it down on its side so the number is visible.  Have them identify the number and then count out the correct number of manipulatives to match.

5 Little Ducks Printables

5 Little Ducks Printable

If you don’t have access to rubber ducks, which would be super fun for other hands-on activities like Duck Pond Sensory Slime, then you can still make a fun learning center with our free duck printables. You might even add the names of the characters in Make Way for Ducklings.

  • Write the number with a permanent marker on the bottom instead and it makes a great game for bathtime.
  • Count the ducks themselves.
  • Have them place the numbered ducks in order.
  • Make 2 ducks of each number and have them match them up.
  • Make dots on the bottom of ducks instead and let your child match the number of dots with corresponding number flashcards.
  • Use alphabet stickers instead to encourage learning letters or perhaps their sounds.
  • For younger children paint the bottom of the duck’s different colors for them to identify.

More Duck Themed Activities for Preschool:

  • Visit a local duck pond
  • Hide rubber ducks under a pile of shaving cream and let them rescue them for a great sensory activity.
  • Hide rubber ducks around the house or outdoors and let your child find them.
  • Make ducks with toilet paper rolls or paper plates.
  • Enjoy a duck shaped snack, like these crackers from Whole Foods

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  • Tina Teal Reply

    I love these ducks. I use them for Math writing about pictures and counting.

    August 31, 2022 at 7:21 am

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