Spring Activities for Preschool

During the preschool year it is important to expose children to different activities to build visual discrimination skills. Visual discrimination skills include the ability to visually determine the similarities and differences between two or more objects. One way to build these skills is through various matching games and activities.

Traditional matching games include the exact same item to match to another. (Think of memory or concentration in which students must match the exact picture). If that is what you are looking for, check out our free Spring Worksheets here. However, there is much more to visual discrimination then exact matches. For example, matching different shapes or pictures by pattern! That is the idea behind today’s free preschool learning game:

Spring Pattern Matching Game

This game is super low-prep and tons of fun! Your students will enjoy the new challenge of matching by pattern and not just by picture. The game includes two game board mats which you can laminate or mount to a file folder for durability.

There is a single sheet of game cards you’ll cut out that students will use for playing pieces. For each picture, the rainbow for example, there are two matching pattern cards; a bird with a rainbow on it and an egg with a rainbow on it. It is up to the students to match the correct cards to the picture by looking closely at the patterns.

Some patterns are simlar! Notice the lady bug and the watermelon? The paint tray and the cookie? Your preschool students will have to pay close attention as they are matching! Encourage them to go slow and look carefully at each picture pattern as they play!

Spring Pattern Matching Game: Mat 1

Print this free spring matching game mat on cardstock for best results. Features a flower, rainbow, bee, cookie, watermelon, and jelly beans.

Spring Pattern Matching Game: Mat 2

Print this free spring matching game mat on cardstock for best results. Features a pencil, lady bug, paint tray, pizza, umbrella, and rain cloud.

Spring Pattern Matching Game Cards

Print these free Spring matching game cards on cardstock and laminate for best results. These can be used with the game mats or separately as a memory or concentration game.

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