Classroom Quilt Coloring Pages


Our coloring pages double as classroom quilt projects.  A classroom quilt is a great way to encourage children to work together on a project.  Each quilt square is 6×6 inches and when arranged together make a wonderful thematic display for your classroom.  A classroom quilt pocket chart makes for easy transitions of different themes.

Often teachers use bulletin boards or blank wall space for their classroom quilt project. Sometimes you can even use your classroom door if you get creative with your spacing.However, you do spend time and energy taping/tacking and arranging your quilt board.Wouldn’t it be nice if the kiddos could just hang up their own projects as they complete them? We found such a wonderful resource from Educational Insights that solves that problem completely.

Alphabet Animals Quilt

A set of 26 different quilt squares each featuring a different animal for each letter in the alphabet. Subscribers can download this set in one file.

Alphabet Classroom Quilt

Each page features the letter in A set of 26 quilt squares, one for each letter of the alphabet. Each page features the letter in uppercase and lowercase with a spot on the side for children to practice their lettering. Encourage children to be creative with their coloring….stripes, polka dots, rainbow colors, ect…

Number Classroom Quilt

This is a set of quilt squares for children learning their numbers. Included in this set are pages for numbers 1-20 with extra practice on each sheet.

ABC Australia Animals Quilt

A set of realistic coloring pages of Australian animals, one for each letter of the alphabet. Children will love to learn about all these amazing creatures from down under!

Farm Animals Quilt

A set of adorable farm animals in an easy cut and display format. Children can practice early handwriting skills by tracing the name of each animal as well as the beginning letter.

Fall Leaf Classroom Quilt

We have eight different leaves for our classroom quilt! Our quilt pages include a coloring page, handwriting practice and scissor practice. Print up enough leaves so that you’ll have a full collection on your bulletin board or pocket chart. You might even encourage children to make multiple colors of the same leaf.

Community Helper Quilt

A set of printables for children to work collaboratively on a classroom quilt. Each child completes a 6×6 square and add them to the board display.

Butterfly Quilt

Each coloring pages is 6×6 and just the right size to decorate your bulletin board. Children can also practice tracing the letter Bb on their own.

Patriotic Classroom Quilt

Our Classroom Quilt worksheets work on three different skills! Coloring, Handwriting, Scissor Skills! These are great for adding some thematic flair to your classroom and children love to help decorate your bulletin board. This is a set of 16 different pages each with a 6×6 inch cut out.

Transportation Classroom Quilt

These transportation coloring pages are just the right size for decorating your bulletin board. Children color in the pictures then practice tracing skills below.

ABC Ocean Animals Quilt

This is a great set of printables you can use to make your classroom quilt. Young children will love to discover all of the different ocean animals as you fill your board!

Silly Monster Classroom Quilt

A set of adorable silly monsters in an easy cut and display format. Children can practice early handwriting skills by naming their monster. Tip: Have children name thier monster their own name spelled backwards!

Valentine’s Day Classroom Quilt

This is a set of 12 different Valentine’s Day coloring pages you can use to form a classroom quilt! Each page features a coloring page, handwriting tracing exercise, and an easy cut square for the quilt.

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