Valentine’s Day Candy Counting Mats

Free printable Valentine’s Day activities for Preschool and Kindergarten students. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in your preschool classroom is a blast with our free candy counting activity mats. This is a simple and fun way to add some hands-on learning to your preschool learning centers. If you’re looking for more hands-on fun, try our February Fine Motor Preschool Pack!

Valentine’s Day Preschool Learning Centers

Featuring Numbers 0-20, this set of learning mats can be printed on cardstock, laminated, or placed into page protectors for reuse. Provide your students with a variety of traditional conversation candy hearts and let them get to work counting, framing, and even learning about number order.

Valentine’s Day Preschool Activities

Each printable learning features a number (0-20) with the corresponding number of conversation hearts in the gumball machine for students to cover. For the lower numbers there is additional room for students to practice framing the number (placing one heart into each section of the ten frame), as well as room to fill up a candy box as they count out the hearts.

Preschool Conversation Heart Printables

Both lower numbers (0-10) and upper numbers (11-20) have a number line at the bottom. Students find and cover the number with a candy heart. Encourage your students to count aloud as they place each heart into the gumball machine. These free preschool activity mats build important math skills like counting, one-to-one correspondance, ten frames, and number order. We have more conversation heart graphing printables available here.

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