Preschool Shapes Charts

Free printable shapes chart for your preschool classroom. These colorful and engaging shape charts are wonderful anchor charts and reference charts. Featuring 15 shapes for your classroom! Each chart includes full-color real-life examples of shapes for your preschool students to learn. Try our Shape of the Week Program that will teach your child 10 shapes using daily hands-on activities and games.

Shapes Chart for Preschool

These 2D shapes anchor charts teach shapes found in everyday items at home and in the classroom. They’ll also learn new sight words, letter sounds, colors, unique objects, and more. Wondering what objects are 2D shapes? Here’s what you’ll get with all 15 of our free 2D preschool shapes chart printables. No need to worry about how to explain shapes to preschoolers with these awesome charts for young students.

  • Crescent
  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Oval
  • Parallelogram
  • Pentagon
  • Rhombus
  • Semicircle
  • Square
  • Star
  • Circle
  • Trapezoid
  • Triangle
  • Rectangle
Shape Charts

Shapes Charts for Preschool

Crescent Shapes Chart

Teach your students these 2D crescent shapes using objects: bananas, jelly beans, necklace, moon, and pepper.

Diamond Shapes Chart

Find Diamond Shapes with your students by learning with objects: ring, baseball diamond, kite, sign, vest, and tiara.

Heart Shapes Chart

These Heart Shapes can be found at home including: strawberry, candy, apple, donut, and leaf.

Hexagon Shapes Chart

Your students will learn all about Hexagon Shapes using this chart that includes: honeycomb, ring, potholder, quilt, and jewelry.

Octagon Shapes Chart

The octagon shape can be found all around your environment including glasses, mirror, stop sign, spider web, and clock.

Oval Shapes Chart

Teach your students oval shapes using many of these objects already in your house: rug, leaf, mirror, football, watermelon, yolk, and tag.

Parallelogram Shapes Chart

Your students will learn parallelogram shapes with these well known items: eraser, kite, gift, newspaper, cabin, jewels, and fence.

Pentagon Shapes Chart

Pentagon shapes are all around us in objects like soccer ball, envelope, flower, house, jewel, badge, earrings, and house.

Rhombus Shapes Chart

The Rhombus shape can be found on many objects like a sign, kite, vest, baseball diamond, and tiara.

Semicircle Shapes Chart

Help your students identify semicircle shapes using this shape chart with an igloo, rainbow, umbrella, tent, mushroom, and cup.

Square Shapes Chart

Your children can learn all about square shapes with these items found in the classroom: sign, frame, puzzle, envelope, cheese, game board, tote and book.

Star Shapes Chart

The Star shape is everywhere in our world including a flower, shooting star, starfish, wand, and badge.

Circle Shapes Chart

Your students will learn all about circle shapes using these objects: clock, button, donut, bubbles, tire, orange, cookies, and coin.

Trapezoid Shapes Chart

The trapezoid shapes can be found in your home including a pot, lampshade, purse, watering can, and watch.

Triangle Shapes Chart

Many triangle shapes are all around us. You’ll find them in objects like sail, pizza, sign, watermelon, ruler, nacho chips, and flag.

Rectangle Shape Chart

Your students will learn to identify rectangle shapes with this free printable chart. Pictures include ruler, microwave, notebook, door, dollar, tablet, and chocolate bar.

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    i love these but i could really use them in black and white where the children could color the shape pictures.. 🙂

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