Free Preschool Bingo Games

BINGO is a classroom favorite!  Our BINGO games are just the right size for your preschoolers.  With a 4×4 grid and colorful, thematic pictures our games are a great way to add fun to your learning.  We keep it simple here with our preschool bingo cards, just print an extra board for a calling card.

Premium Alphabet Bingo $$

We have a complete collection of Alphabet Bingo Cards you can use throughout your Letter of the Week curriculum. Each bingo board features 16 different beginning letter pictures for children to cover.

Blank Bingo Boards

Design your own bingo board using stamps or by drawing in your own pictures. Here is a printable set of blank BINGO cards. You can customize these to your weekly themes.

Shape Bingo

Shape Bingo is a great game for children of all ages! Preschoolers love to play games and this is a great way to reinforce shape recognition in a fun way.

Weather Bingo

Celebrate the end of your weather unit with a fun bingo game! Featuring sunny, rainy, hail, cloudy, windy, lightning, and tornado. Includes six different bingo cards on a 4×4 grid, just the right size for preschoolers. Print one extra for calling card.

Farm Animal Bingo

A set of six different bingo cards depicting farm life and farm animals. These sheets print two to a page with a 4×4 grid, just the right size for preschoolers. Print one extra page for calling cards.

Number Bingo 1-10

This is a printable bingo game featuring the numbers 1-10. This is a great opportunity for children to work on number identification and counting skills.

Letter A Bingo

Here is a printable BINGO game featuring the letter A. Children can review all their letter A words as well as the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter.

Alphabet Bingo

Cute letter shapes make this alphabet bingo game a hit with your children! Each letter is shaped like word that begins with that sound.

Color Bingo

This is a set of printable BINGO cards featuring the different colors. Some colors are featured multiple times so children can work out a little bit of strategy as well.

Ocean Life Bingo

Finish up your Ocean unit with a fun bingo game! Print one extra set for calling cards

Fall Leaf Bingo

This bingo game has five different leaves and is a great way to aid children in learning the names of these popular leaves. It’s recommended that you print a large photo of each of the types for a calling card to show to children what leaf to look for. Six different boards, two per page.

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    Thank you for these very helpful Bingo sheets!

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    Thank you!

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