Preschool Themes for June: Father’s Day, Beach,& More

As busy moms, we’re always looking for easy ways to make our day a little less stressful and enjoy summertime! With these free and practical resources, you can encourage your super active kids the ENTIRE month with wonderful hands on learning tools. Here are the Preschool Themes for June, ready to go for my fellow teachers!

Insects, Bugs, and Creepy Crawlies

Bugs and creepy crawlies are great subjects for our small and sweet scientists in the sizzling summer! Grab these 10 Bug Color and Learn Pages that are SO easy to prepare — just print and go! Your kids will learn facts, practice their writing and coloring skills, and better yet, it’s all free!

You’ll also want to check out these insect crafts, printables and projects to enhance your bug unit studies and thematic lessons. From butterfly life cycles to Scientific Discovery Notebooking Printables, there’s something for everyone!

Father’s Day Ideas DIY

Kids love making their Dad a homemade Father’s Day gifts and we got some great ideas for them! Try these fun and free DIY Father’s Day Ideas including cards and crafts you can make with children for Father’s Day!

These priceless memories include printables for Father’s day cards, handprint crafts, fishing cut and paste activities and so much more.

In addition, you can also grab Father’s Day Gift Ideas with these Free Father’s Day Bible Crafts, Activities, Minibooks, and more! Whether you’re creating these as a family or for homeschool or Sunday School, they will provide lifetime memories and are perfect keepsakes!

At the Beach

When you think of the beach and kids together, what’s the first word that pops up in your head? For me, it’s sand — but sometimes it’s not in a good way. So, let’s think of fun ways we can incorporate sand into a pleasurable activity!

Get your kids excited for the beach trip coming up with these beach type sand crafts including this super silly Sandpaper Starfish craft and some beautiful artwork with a Sand Art craft.

The beach also reminds us the vast ocean that God miraculously has made for us! Children are fascinated to see amazing ocean creatures!  Check out our video tutorials on how your child can make these ocean themed crafts! You’ll find inspiring activities to create a spiky sea urchin, a sea creature fan book and a sparkly sea anemone.

Plus, don’t forget to grab these valuable resources for ocean themed unit studies! Take your child to our magnificent under water world with this Ocean Life Book and DVD or get sticky with this vibrant, high quality Ocean Sticker Book.

Vacation Days

Speaking of the beach, let’s talk about the many ways of transportation taking us to our relaxing vacation destination. And, kids love to play and talk about those various ways of transportation — that’s why we made these Preschool Transportation Printables!

Which also reminds me, are you taking a road trip and need to homeschool at the same time? Here are some essential tips to make your travel trip an easy and educational ride! It’s very cool and hip when you are Car schooling like a Ninja!

Fruits and Vegetables – Farmers Market

Don’t you just love to see those signs on the road that proudly display “Farmer’s Market Today”?!!! Buying fresh produce from side stands not only supports local farmers, it supports a healthy immune system!

Why not hone in on these flavorful roadside stands and make it a teachable lesson? Play this easy and engaging fruit and vegetable game to get those fruit juices flowing!

Need some more resources to teach about healthy food and what makes them so special? Try this fun and fruity collection of healthy mazes for your kids or students!  Each activity sheet teaches about the health benefits of a specific fruit.  Students read, write, maze and trace their way right to a delicious and juicy healthy fruit.

That’s a wrap, my friends! Hope you have a wonderful month of June, and don’t forget to enjoy the warm sun, contagious smiles, and a lot of laughter!

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