Preschool Themes for November: Turkey, Owls, and More!

As the colder weather taunts us with warmer clothes, it’s also a season of comforting food, a thankful attitude, and beautiful creations. With the brisk, refreshing season, it’s time for fall preschool themes for November including Thanksgiving, thankfulness, turkeys, owls, and leaves!

Thanksgiving Activities for Preschool

Thanksgiving is one of the most cherished holidays in American history for bringing families together. As you start thinking about the Thanksgiving table, why not use these free Thanksgiving placemats! You can print them, gather a tub of crayons, and place it at the dinner table. Keeps the kids busy and educationally distracted while you get the turkey ready!

If you are looking for a treasure trove of preschool Thanksgiving activities and printables, grab this Thanksgiving packet of goodies! My Thanksgiving unit study covers all subjects including science, math, art, reading, and more. You’ll find a week’s worth of terrific Thanksgiving crafts for preschool, easy science experiments, and hands-on math games. It’s designed for Kindergarten, but can be easily adapted to fit your preschoolers developing fine motor skill sets.

Thankful Preschool Activities

Speaking of THANKSgiving, it’s a perfect time to teach our children how to be thankful and appreciate our gifts from God. These wonderful Christ-centered activities have thankful scripture memorization, thankful preschool crafts, and ideas on how to give back to their community! It includes a whopping 35 pages of Thanksgiving activities, games, worksheets, and thankful songs for preschool.

Plus, you’ll find thankful preschool crafts and more for multiple ages. And, of course, it’s designed to keep you in mind — low prep steps, hands-on activities, and engaged hearts and minds. These thankful crafts for fall make a wonderful theme activity for November.

Preschool Turkey Coloring Pages

Now that we’ve covered Thanksgiving activities for preschool, let’s march right into some special turkey preschool crafts and coloring pages. Looking for some preschool turkey printables? I’ve got sweet and adorably designed turkey coloring pages with Thank You Jesus across the top. This is a simple coloring page is perfect for tiny hands this Thanksgiving. Your child can color the turkey and even write or draw anything they are thankful for and appreciate.

Plus, try these pumpkin coloring pages with bible verses for extra fun and practice coloring! And, of course, learning ‘thankful’ scripture throughout the Thanksgiving holiday is perfect timing!

Preschool Owl Crafts

Owls are so sweet and adorable, why not get the kids excited about making a preschool owl craft?!! It’s super easy to make, fun for all ages, and uses very simple craft materials. You can use pine cones from the yard or at a craft store, and in just a few minutes, your children will be playing for hours! This can be done as a solo activity or in a group setting as well.

You’ll also find my suggestions for many top-rated owl book resources you can use to complete a preschool owl unit study.

Looking for even more hours of fun with a little owls preschool theme? Grab many preschool owl craft ideas right here at Crafty Classroom. You’ll discover a ton of free and frugal owl resources including owl coloring pages, owl dissection labs, owl lapbooks, owl games, and SO much more!

Leaf Crafts for Preschool

You can’t end November without learning and making leaf crafts for preschool! Remember pressing leaves in wax paper with your mom? Brings back gushing memories, doesn’t it?!!! Let’s make some more precious memories with our preschoolers!

Here are some fabulous fall leaf preschool crafts — two autumn leaf art tutorials for kids! They are easily adapted for multiple ages including preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and even middle school and high school ages!

If you’d like to combine education and art, these leaf crafts for preschool are perfect for preschool kids {and older!}:

What’s on your fall bucket list? Have you added a few new items after seeing all of these amazing and adorable preschool monthly themes for November?!! Don’t miss out on these fabulously fall activities your children will love and want as keepsakes for years to come!

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