Rainforest Coloring Pages

FREE Rainforest Coloring Pages for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Homeschool students! These Rainforest Coloring Pages are full of animal science facts, habitats, biomes, and fine motor skill practice. This is the perfect resource to create alphabet books for young learners. Want even more alphabet practice? Check out our Color & Learn Bundle now.

ABC Rainforest Animals

These rainforest preschool printables make the best animal science coloring pages! Students will make fine motor growth and learn all about the animals of the rainforest with this free resource. Learn a variety of scientific facts on each of the 26 alphabet animal pages and color each animal with crayons or colored pencils.

Rainforest Preschool Printables

26 FREE preschool animal science worksheets to engage young learners with interesting rainforest animal facts. Students can use crayons or colored pencils to color the animals. Then, use the letters on the page for letter and sound recognition practice, make an alphabet book, or create a rainforest facts booklet!

Color & Learn Rainforest Animals

Want all 26 pages right now? Click here to purchase this set from our TpT store. Continue on to find the free individual page downloads below.

Rainforest Animal Coloring Pages

A is for Anaconda Coloring Page

This coloring page is full of preschool science facts and fine motor skill-building opportunities.

B is for Bengal Tiger Coloring Page

Did you know Bengal Tigers have a roar that can be heard 2 miles away? Learn more about Bengal Tigers with this fact-filled printable.

C is for Capuchin Monkey Coloring Page

This adorable printable has fun facts, coloring opportunities, and letter and sound recognition practice.

Rainforest Preschool Worksheets

D is for River Dolphin Coloring Page

Teaching preschool science is a breeze with this FREE River Dolphin printable.

E is for Electric Eel Coloring Page

This FREE science activity for preschoolers creates fine motor coloring practice along with a variety of fun facts about rainforest animals.

F is for Poison Dart Frog Coloring Page

These FREE coloring pages for kids contain letters, fun facts, as well as coloring experiences for young learners.

G is for Greater Capybara Coloring Page

Did you know Capybaras are the largest living rodent? When you download these free coloring page printables, students will learn this and much more!

H is for Hummingbird Coloring Page

Teaching preschool science standards is fun and easy with these Rainforest Animal Science Worksheets.

I is for Iguana Coloring Page

Our FREE Rainforest Animal Printable Coloring Pages are the perfect addition to your preschool classroom.

J is for Jaguar Coloring Page

When you download these fun preschool coloring pages, you will get a variety of skills (like fine motor) practice!

K is for Komodo Dragon Coloring Page

This resource contains 26 FREE alphabet coloring pages for kids!

L is for Lemur Coloring Page

If you need to engage young learners in science then this resource is perfect! Coloring, letter and sound recognition, and much more!

M is for Scarlet Macaw Coloring Page

These FREE preschool alphabet worksheets are perfect to teach science standards, letters, and much more!

N is for Nutria Coloring Page

Rainforest animals are taught easily when you download this free preschool printable resource.

O is for Orangutan Coloring Page

Did you know Orangutans can eat with their feet? Learn fun facts about Orangutans with this free coloring page.

P is for Piranha Coloring Page

Your next animal science unit is the perfect time to use this free rainforest animal resource.

Q is for Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing Coloring Page

Teaching young learners letters and sounds? Enjoy this free 26-page resource full of rainforest animals.

R is for Red Eyed Tree Frog Coloring Page

Did you know Red Eyed Tree Frogs can jump 20 times their body lenght? Learn fun facts about Red Eyed Tree Frogs and color one too with this free resource.

S is for Sloth Coloring Page

This free animal science printable is perfect for your homeschool or preschool classroom.

T is for Toucan Coloring Page

This adorable Toucan will teach preschool students about biomes and habitats as well as give them fine motor coloring opportunities.

U is for Umbrella Bird Coloring Page

Teaching the alphabet to preschoolers just got a lot more interesting with the help of this free Umbrella Bird printable.

V is for Vampire Bat Coloring Page

This free 26 page resource will help preschool students creat a fun, cute, fact filled alphabet book.

W is for Wallaby Coloring Page

These cute alphabet preschool worksheets will give students a variety of fun facts and coloring opportunities.

X is for Xenops Coloring Page

Learn all about a Xenops and where it lives in the rainforest with this free alphabet coloring worksheet.

Y is for Yapok Coloring Page

Want to learn all about rainforest creatures? This free Yapok alphabet coloring printable has a handful of science facts and coloring graphics for your preschool students.

Z is for Zodiac Moth Coloring Page

This adorable preschool science printable for kids is free and fun for students of all ages! Try it with your homeschool or grade school students today.

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