Space Alphabet Worksheets

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Kids around the world are fascinated with anything related to planets, sun, stars, and space! If your kids are practicing the alphabet and need extra help, try these free space worksheets and space-themed activities. Don’t hesitate to try these marvelous motivators for learning.

Not only will they learn about our solar system, they’ll get a multitude of subjects like ABCs, science, art, and writing skills (aka tracing)! Plus, there are free space worksheets that’s easy to implement with just a click of a button along with some writing utensils.

Free Space Worksheets

They can also get answers to great questions including:

  • What’s black matter? Black matter is any substance that interacts through gravity.
  • What’s an asteroid look like? It looks like a huge rock blasting from space like a fireball.
  • What’s the difference between an asteroid and a comet? Asteroids are made up of metals and rocks, while comets are forms of ice, dust and rocks.

What is a Solar System?

Your curious kids may wonder — what is a solar system or what is space? Basically, it’s eight planets and their moons that orbit around the sun. Plus, there are smaller bodies like asteroids and comets.

Solar System Vocabulary Words

What is an eclipse? When the Earth or the moon passes through a shadow of another body, it’s called an eclipse. It usually looks a huge black ball in the sky with rays of bright light bursting around it.

What is fusion? Fusion is what energizes the sun and the stars.

What is a galaxy? A galaxy includes everything in space that’s glued together by gravity like stars, dust, and dark matter that come in all shapes and sizes.

Space Resources

If you’re looking for a fun book to pair up with these free outer space worksheets, try this highly recommended space book for preschoolers. Go on a reading adventure with Cat in the Hat, Sally, and others that will blast your kids out of this world! Grab your outer space worksheets, and you’re all set. Minimum prep at it’s best!

SPACE Alphabet Write & Color Book

Science has never been so fun! Make your own Space Alphabet book with this subscriber freebie! Print as a full sheet for a unique coloring book, or print multiple sheets per page to make a Space ABC Minibook!

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