Fine Motor Activities with Pom-Poms

Have you ever pondered — what can I possibly pursue with Pom Poms? I’m so glad you asked, my friend! There are so so many activities to plug in using Pom-Poms. And, many Pom-Pom crafts are a perfect solution to encourage fine motor skills.

But, before we cheer for Pom Poms — what materials are Pom Poms made out of? Some materials can be made out of cotton, acrylic, wool, plastic, paper and thread. And, they usually come in a beautiful array of colors and varieties.

However, we highly recommend these adorable and affordable fuzzy Pom Pom balls from Amazon, made from acrylic yarn. They come in an assortment of colors and are the size is about 1 cm in diameter {be careful with little ones}. This colorful Pom Poms package holds about 2000 Pieces and works well with our Pom Pom crafts and projects. MiniPoms (.4cm) are another great resource, and even Glitter Poms if you’re learning around the holidays.

Activities to Encourage Fine Motor Skills

Pom Poms are one of the more creative activities to encourage fine motor skills. But, what’s the big deal about developing small motor movements? Don’t they get it from everyday tasks? Yes, but there are so many more to discover. Here I share with you why fine motor skills are important, and how to encourage small muscle movements in your everyday activities.

Pom-Pom Activity Sheets

Now, let’s get onto how we get encourage fine motor skills and movements. I have a nice list of free Pom Pom activity sheets you’ll love to use with your kids. Let’s start with robot Pom Poms! These Pom Pom activity sheets are available for free and they come in 3 gorgeous colors.

Each colorful robot needs help finding all its parts! Students use colorful pom-poms to match the dots on each robot. Plus, grab this wonderful large set of tweezers to help your students build stronger small motor muscles. And, I have even more good news worth sharing — it prepares them for handwriting skills in the future.

Sorting Patterns by Size

Sorting by size using these colorful fuzzy balls is also a great way to ensure your proper development in understanding math concepts.

As mentioned, patterns prepare your child for learning more difficult math concepts later in life. Who would have thought building beautiful patterns with Pom Poms would help develop key math skills?!!

Sorting by Color

Another great idea of building fine motor skills for 3-year-olds and up is sorting by color. Ask your preschooler to use this large set of tweezers and sort all Pom Poms, regardless of size, by color. While it seems like a simple task, they are strengthening those small muscles in their hands and developing hand-eye coordination.

Picking up Poms with Clothespins

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another activity with Pom Poms! How about these adorable clothespins to help grab Pom Poms. Ask your child to choose large poms with this colorful array of choices for clothespins.

Or, make it a fun game with your classroom — ask your preschooler(s) to choose a ‘blue’ clothespin and pick up a ‘large’ soft fuzzy ball. The possibilities are endless when it comes to engaging your students with a flurry of fun activities!

Pom Pom Rainbow

Get creative with Pom Pom rainbows! Ask your child to grab his/her large tweezers to build a rainbow with an assortment of sizes and colors, and even textures. Rainbows technically appear in seven colors of the spectrum including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (deep blue), and violet. If you have different shades of blue, the rainbow colors are perfect!

Otherwise, pick several colors and ask your child to sort them until they make a beautiful rainbow in a ‘bowed’ shape. Or, you can try a wreath shape that includes a beautiful array of color patterns and textures.

Picking up Poms with Tweezers and Transferring to Jar

Now that we’ve exhausted all of our ideas on how to encourage fine motor skills with cute fuzzy balls, it’s clean up time! Another fine motor skill activity to consider is asking your preschooler to pick up all of the Pom-Poms using their kid-friendly tweezers. It can be as simple as putting them all in a jar, or multiple jars sorting by sizes and colors.

Pom-Pom Alphabet Mats

Before we close up shop, you may be interested in more fun and engaging Pom Pom activity sheets you can use to build fine motor skills for 3-year-olds and up! It’s a great way to learn their alphabet while strengthening key skill sets.

Let me introduce to you Alphabet Pom Pom Mats! Each mat features a different letter of the alphabet for handwriting practice and a beginning word picture to write. This awesome skill builder holds a colored example to help recreate pictures for young ones.

This fine motor activity pack includes 26 pages of alphabet letter pom pictures. And, it complements Fine Motor Letter of the Week Activities. Don’t forget to grab their kid-friendly tweezers to prepare them with mastering pencil and writing skills.

Here, you’ll find beautiful butterfly Pom Pom activity sheets that will enamor your preschoolers with a vast array of colors. Butterfly wings give your children a unique opportunity to identify repetition using Pom Pom patterns in a row. Plus, this butterfly activity teaches math, symmetry, and art all at the same time! You can’t go wrong with this Pom Pom patterns in a row activity.

Learning and identifying patterns are key for preschoolers. The ability to recognize and build patterns helps children observe and make predictions. Thus, it’s a critical component for learning math!

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