Fine Motor Skills with Stickers

Do you remember the excitement in your childhood years when you received a brand new pack of stickers? Or, maybe your teacher put a memorable sticker on an A+ test?!! Just think of the joy your preschooler will get when they find out today it’s fine motor skills with stickers!


Stickers are not just fun for kids — moms and teachers alike will love how they benefit their precocious preschoolers. They keep little ones busy, promote fine motor skills, concentration, creativity, and best of all — tons of fabulous fun! Here are some easy fine motor skill tasks including sticker worksheets, sticker activities, and more!

Sticker Worksheets

The challenge as preschool mothers and teachers is keeping kids busy while building new skill sets. It’s easy to find free preschool worksheets that include sticker activities — plus they’re simple, yet very effective and creative!

As busy moms and teachers, we need all the help we can get in preparing our preschoolers for the next steps in learning. That’s why these fine motor sticker worksheets are a great way to get them started!

And, I have good news! You’ll find plenty of free sticker worksheets below to help with concentration, critical thinking, fine motor, and dexterity. Let’s get started!

Sticker Mazes

Sticker Mazes are so much fun for kids — plus, they play a huge role in learning concentration and problem-solving skills. Grab your choice of stickers as your child leads each piece in the right direction.

As your little leader places each sticker in the right spot, see if he or she can create a pattern of rainbow colors. Then, ask them to find out how many stickers did it take to get to the finish line!

Looking for more free mazes to challenge your kids’ brains? Try our Brainy Maze website for a TON of FREE and motivating problem-solving resources!

Stickers on a Line

Writing a straight line with numbers is an easy way to build your kid’s math counting and practice focusing skills. Simply ask your student to add exactly 10 stickers in a straight line using the sticker resource below. Our Sticker Number worksheet allows your child to learn counting, practice concentration, and strengthen hands eye coordination.

Sticker Names and Sticker Letters

Another innovative way to utilize the versatility of stickers is by writing your student’s name. Make it large enough for stickers to line up directly on each letter. They can also use the letters in their name to guide them — encourage them to place small stickers in the right spot.

And, of course, this requires concentration and fine motor practice while reinforcing letter and name identification. See above for a great example on how to make this activity fun and effective with sticker names and sticker letters!

Sticker Patterns

Identifying patterns with preschoolers is fundamental to math concepts. It’s an important key to learning by helping children observe and make predictions. Plus, understanding patterns prepares your child for learning more complex math concepts.

Using sticker activities for encouraging patterns is another easy idea to incorporate with just a few steps. Simply grab some star stickers (or any variety of colored stickers) and show them a pattern with colors. See above Patterns with Stickers image for some helpful and creative ideas.

Sticker Shapes and Sticker Tracing

Smily face stickers are perfect for this next sticker printable — Sticker Shapes Worksheets! There are 3 shapes: circle, triangle, and square. Your student will use a color for each shape and fill it in with the right amount of stickers.

Sticker Tracing

Then, your student can grab a writing utensil (like a crayon, marker or colored pencil) to practice his pre-writing skills. Your child can start tracing each of the 3 shapes using an assortment of colors. Or, consider asking your child to trace the stickers for extra practice with fine motor skills.

Below you’ll find 2 handy free sticker shape worksheets that include 3 common shapes (circle, triangle, square) and more unique shape sizes (rhombus, rectangle, oval).

Each shape worksheet provides an exciting challenge of learning new shapes, refining their prewriting skills, building concentration, and developing hand-eye coordination.

Sticker Graphs

This is a really fun sticker printable your kids will love! It may be a bit challenging for your child but with a little guidance, it will give them a great head start. It encourages confidence, helps them identify patterns, and builds critical thinking skills.

Choose 7 different types of smaller stickers (colors or pictures). Add them to the bottom of the “graph” area. Then, randomly add those same types of stickers in the “count” section (up to 5 stickers).

Lastly, ask your child to look in the count section, and fill in each box. Try using a colored crayon that represents each sticker your student finds. Consider asking your child to draw with a different color when marking each type of sticker.

Sticker Games

This sticker game ‘Seek and Find with Stickers‘ needs a little help from moms and teachers. It’s a little like BINGO, just call out a lower case or upper case letter, and as your child finds it, they place a sticker carefully in the respective circle. Or, if you’re busy, fill up a jar or container of pre-made letters and ask your child to choose one at a time. Then, he will place the star or small sticker in the right place.

Another creative way for moms to get involved in using this preschool sticker worksheet for the game of ‘I SPY’. Simply state “I SPY with my little eye…a Big Letter A”. And, continue the process until your child is finished with a square pattern.

Sticker ABCs

You’ll certainly want to download this Sticker Letter A sheet — it’s a versatile way to gain letter-writing practice, fine motor development, and focus skills. See this wonderful sticker worksheet below! Print the entire Alphabet of Sticker Worksheets Here.

Your students will first practice writing Letter A on top of the worksheet. Then, ask them to grab circle-shaped stickers and build a Big Letter A. How many stickers does it take to make an upper case A?!!! What words also start with Letter A besides Alligator?

Peeling Stickers

Remember, peeling and re-peeling stickers require strength in fingers so continue to encourage your child if he/she tends to take them off. For ease of peeling stickers, try a protective sheet for a clean pull off.

Alternatively, there are many fantastic sets of reusable stickers and sticker mats you can purchase from you local educational supply store. A favorite of mine are these Melissa and Doug Peel & Stick Habitat Scenes. Not only are they great for small motor control, but the content is educational as well and your little one will be learning animal science while having fun!

There are so many ingenious ways to utilize stickers to their fullest potential. Don’t miss out on these wonderful opportunities! If you need stickers, buy this affordable pack of stickers on Amazon. It’s a huge assortment of stickers that is perfect for homeschool moms and classroom teachers!

Sticker Maze

Solve the maze by placing stickers along the correct path! Works great with smaller stickers and your students will be building fine motor skills along the way!

Sticker Graph Template

Use this premade graph to make rows and columns to show you can count correctly!

Sticker Grid Template

Like Bingo, call out a letter and see if your student can find it! Student places a sticker on each letter that you discover.

Sticker Number Line Template

Grab some stickers and make it a counting game while your student concentrates on adding each sticker, one by one.

More Shape Sticker Mats

Download this adorable shape sticker mat for even more shapes to add fun stickers in a rectangle, rhombus, and oval shape.

Shape Sticker Mats

This shape sticker mat is a perfect template for adding stickers to three types of shapes using small round stickers. Find fun sticker shapes to press into squares, triangles, and circles.

Sticker Letter Template

Your child will have tons of tun with practice writing letter A, and adding stickers, counters or stamps to fill the letter A. A is for Alligator!

Looking for more affordable fun and fulfilling fine motor ideas? Look no more — try our Fine Motor Task Cards that contain over 165 pages of Symmetry Task Cards, ABC Bricks and Play Dough, ASL, and Popsick Stick Patterns and much much more! Click the image below for more information!

Fine Motor Task Cards

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