Desert Animal Coloring Pages

FREE Desert Animal Coloring Pages with interesting science facts! Our desert preschool printables are perfect for any early learning or homeschool environment. Create solid fine motor skills through coloring these cute black line coloring pages. Want even more animal science fun? Check out the Color & Learn Bug Worksheets.

ABC Desert Animals

These desert animal worksheets are fantastic for science units. Children can bind them together to create their own booklet to share with friends and family. Each unique desert animal printable worksheet is accompanied by simple early reading facts for your preschool students. Pair these free desert animal printables with our Africa Animal science resource for simple hands-on learning.

Desert Animal Preschool Printables

Children will love to learn about all the amazing animals in the desert. Below we’ve created 26 different color and learn activity pages filled with fun facts, simple coloring, and a space for children to write their own thoughts about the creature. All you need are crayons or colored pencils! Want to learn about other habitats? Check out our Arctic Animal Preschool Printables!

Color & Learn Desert Animals

Want to download ALL of our desert animal worksheets as a bundle? Head on over to our store to get them now! Want only one or two? Continue below to download each page.

Desert Animal Coloring Pages

A is for Armadillo Coloring Page

These are great for creating science booklets and even include fun science facts.

B is for Big Horn Sheep Coloring Page

Students will enjoy learning fun facts about desert animals with our ocean coloring pages. 

C is for Coyote Coloring Page

Download our desert animal preschool printables for free to teach facts about the desert habitats. 

Desert Animal Preschool Worksheets

D is for Dromedary Camel Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page features a handful of fun, easy-to-read science facts.

E is for Echidna Coloring Page

Did you know Echidnas lay eggs even though they are a mama? Learn this and more!

F is for Falcon Coloring Page

Learn about the desert biome as well as desert animals with this FREE printable.

G is for Gecko Coloring Page

An animal science coloring page with a handful of interesting facts for preschool students.

H is for Hyena Coloring Page

Did you know Hyenas can we up to 180 pounds? Check this and more out here!

I is for Inland Coloring Page

Learn all about inland parts of the world with this fun preschool worksheet.

J is for Jackal Coloring Page

Our adorable Jj color and learn page will help students stay engaged in animal science learning.

K is for Kangaroo Rat Coloring Page

This desert preschool printable is the resource to bind together into an alphabet or science book.

L is for Lion Coloring Page

Did you know Lions are the only cat that lives in groups? Find out even more when you download this page.

M is for Meerkat Coloring Page

Teach animal science with this adorable Meerkat coloring worksheet.

N is for Nafud Coloring Page

Teaching preschool science is a breeze when using this FREE downloadable worksheet.

O is for Owl Coloring Page

Our desert animal preschool printables give students the opportunity for fine motor practice and more!

P is for Pale Fox Coloring Page

Read interesting animal science facts with this engaging animal science worksheet.

Q is for Qizil Qum Coloring Page

This adorable letter page will teach you all there is to know about preschool animal science

R is for Roadrunner Coloring Page

A FREE desert preschool animal worksheets with interesting science facts.

S is for Scorpion Coloring Page

Did you know Scorpions have 8 legs? Learn this and more when you download this page!

T is for Tiger Rattlesnake Coloring Page

This engaging preschool printable is the perfect resource for your young learners.

U is for United States Deserts Coloring Page

This preschool printable teaches young learners facts and general science knowledge about desert animals.

V is for Vulture Coloring Page

Create a science or alphabet book using these adorable black line coloring pages.

W is for White-lipped Peccary Coloring Page

Fun and engaging desert preschool coloring page with science facts.

X is for Xerus Coloring Page

Engage your students in science learning, literacy skills, and more with this cute coloring page.

Y is for Yuma Coloring Page

Do you know where Yuma is? Find out on our informational preschool desert printable worksheet.

Z is for Zebra Tailed Lizard Coloring Page

This engaging preschool animal science printable will keep the attention of even the youngest learners!

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