26 Free Valentine Letter Mats are perfect for young students learning to write uppercase and lowercase letters! Kids will gain lots of practice with their letters using our fun Valentine’s Day activity. It’s easy to use, fun to fill, and will give your students something to look forward to on Valentine’s Day!

And, don’t forget, the month of February is all about Love so use it all month long! Kids simply place candy conversation hearts in their appropriate placeholders. They’ll fill uppercase and lowercase letters, plus, practice following paths of zig, zag, up and down, and around! And, of course, you can add math to the list by asking kids to count how many hearts they can find. Or try our FREE Candy Heart Counting Mats, and Candy Heart Math Mats. These are always fun exercises for little ones to encourage recognition of the alphabet and practice learning shapes.

Printable Alphabet Letters

This Valentine alphabet activity is perfect for reading centers, morning work, or early finishers. February can be a SLOOOWWW month, let’s finish it off with some fun and engaging activities for your busy students. It’s so simple — just print, grab some conversation candy hearts, and you’ve got your activity spot filled!

Alphabet Letter A

These gorgeous alphabet letter templates are perfect for your preschool classroom. Kids simply place candy hearts in their right spot.

Printable Alphabet Letter B

The alphabet letter B Valentine’s Day Mat is a great way to teach the alphabet with conversation candy hearts.

Alphabet Template C

Our alphabet upper and lowercase c will help your class learn their alphabet. Ask the class what has beginning sounds like with c – c – c!

Alphabet Letter D

Our amazing Valentine Letter Mats for Letter D will allow kids to enjoy conversation hearts. Students simply place hearts in their right heart shape.

Printable Letter E

Our Valentine’s Day letter E printable is easy to download, just click and print. Use it in your classroom or homeschool as bulletin board letters and more.

Letter F Worksheet

Download the alphabet Valentine’s Day Mat for the letter F! Our easy-to-use printable alphabet templates are perfect for the classroom.

Alphabet Letter G

The alphabet is easy to learn with our ABC heart templates. You can display these in the classroom on the wall. G is for go, get, and goo.

ABC Letter H

H is for heart — heart shapes are all over the place! Our easy-to-use printable alphabet templates for the letter H make it great!

Letter I Worksheet

Roses are red, violets are blue, candy hearts crush it, and so can you! Enjoy these free downloadable printable letters perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Letter J Printable

Teaching the ABCs has never been easier with alphabet lowercase j. These heart shape printables are perfect for the month of love.

Letter K Page

Keep your kids happy with our heart alphabet mats. All you need are colored pencils and conversation candy hearts! It’s easy to use and free.

Printable Letter L

L is for Love! Our fun alphabet printables make Valentine’s Day special. Got some candy hearts? Give them a special place right here.

Letter M Worksheet

Many teachers enjoy our free printables and this one is no exception! Practice letters with candy hearts! M is for mat, mouse, and mom.

Free Letter Template N

Grab these awesome alphabet printables with the letter N. It’s free to use and enjoy in the classroom. N is for not, no, and nat.

Letter O Worksheet

Our alphabet Valentine’s Day printable for the letter O will help your class learn their alphabet and even their sounds. What starts with O?

Letter P Worksheet

What does the P look like? Have your students color and place candy hearts all over the upper and lowercase P! P is for pig, pug, and put!

Letter Q Printable

The letter Q printable with lots of heart shapes is downloadable in an instant. These are free and easy to use. What begins with the letter Q?

Letter R Sheet

Our ABC heart printable makes it easy for teachers to download our fun and versatile letters of the alphabet. R is for run, ran, and rot.

Letter S Template

Grab these awesome alphabet printables with upper and lowercase letters. It’s free to use and enjoy in the classroom. S is for sat, sun, and star.

Upper & Lowercase T

Many teachers enjoy our free printables and you can too with our alphabet lowercase t, T is for tot, tag, and tad.

Free Download Letter U

Our ABC letter printable templates make it easy for teachers to download our fun candy heart activity. U is for unicorn, up, and ugh.

Printable Letter V

Grab our free alphabet templates for the letter V. It’s super easy to use with immediate download. V is for viper, vat, and van.

Free Worksheet Letter W

The letter W is ready for download right here. Our alphabet letter worksheets include uppercase and lowercase letters.

Letter X Worksheet

Many teachers enjoy our free printables and you can too with our alphabet letter X. X is for xylophone, x-ray, and ax.

Letter Y Sheet for Kids

Print the alphabet with our Valentine’s Day special. Teach kids their alphabet with our uppercase and lowercase heart-shaped activity. Use candy hearts to match up to their shapes.

Free Download Letter Z

Teach your kids the alphabet with our free Valentine Letter Mats. These printable worksheets are great conversation starters with candy hearts!

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    any way can have the letters in one download, instead of having to do each letter individually ?

    February 10, 2022 at 8:39 am
  • Gabriela Gonzalez Reply

    love it!

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