Butterfly Coloring Pages

From caterpillar to butterfly, these free butterfly coloring sheets are fantastic for preschool students. Each printable butterfly includes thick black lines for easy coloring. Your tots and preschool students will love how simple these butterflies are to color in. Additionally, you’ll find each coloring page includes an educational activity such as handwriting or tracing for extra practice. For more butterfly fun, try these free printable butterfly coloring pages.

Below each beautiful butterfly is an opportunity for your young students to put their skills to the test! A dashed line provides a cutting guide for students to practice their small motor scissor skills. Ample opportunity is available for students to practice their fine motor skills by tracing the letter formation guide to spell out common words.

Butterfly Preschool Coloring Pages

Simple Butterfly Coloring

We suggest encouraging your student to first trace with their finger, then when that is mastered, have them use a chubby pencil or crayon. Numbers indicate which stroke students should make first for each letter. Teaching your student proper pencil grip and stroke order (commonly called letter formation order) is important for laying a solid foundation for future handwriting skills. It’s much easier to train students correctly the first time, then to attempt to retrain or reteach when poor habits are already formed.

Free Butterfly Coloring Pages

Your preschool students will love these free easy, thick line butterfly coloring sheets! Best of all, you’ll provide them with simple number formation, number word recognition, and counting skills along the way! Be sure to check out our Butterfly Worksheets for additional butterfly fun! If you are planning a butterfly thematic unit in your preschool classroom, try these butterfly templates, they are great for lessons in symmetry, or creating butterfly art projects.

Preschool Butterfly Coloring

Letter and Number stroke order is super important! In case you were wondering, yes, this homeschool mama is speaking from experience. If you are looking for opportunities to retrain pencil grip, don’t worry, we are right there with you! Check out our pencil control workbook and our fine motor activity packs for fun ways you can encourage your student to practice their small motor skills.

Easy Butterfly Coloring

Butterfly Coloring Pages

A free printable butterfly coloring page for preschool. This coloring sheet features thick black coloring lines for an easy color. Students can work on lowercase letter b handwriting.

Butterfly Coloring Sheet

This is a free butterfly coloring page for preschool students. Easy color lines help every child succeed! Uppercase letter B is presented for students to practice the letter formation.

Easy Color Butterfly Coloring Page

This is a free butterfly coloring page featuring the number 1. Students practice number recognition and handwriting.

Preschool Butterfly Coloring Page

Students work on writing the number two, with this free butterfly coloring page.

Three Butterflies Coloring Page

Butterfly Coloring Pages for students working on handwriting and counting skills.

Easy Butterfly Coloring Sheet

This is a simple butterfly coloring sheet for tots and preschoolers. Students trace the lowercase letter b and write the word “beautiful.”

Are these butterflies too simple for your students? Older students will love these beautiful butterfies from 1+1+1=1. If fact, with all the designs in their wings, I would say that most adults would love to color these beauties in. So, join up with your preschool student and color your way to a peaceful homeschool day!


Now that you’ve added coloring, cutting, and handwriting worksheet to your butterfly unit, why not try some of these hands-on butterfly printables? Our March Fine Motor Pack includes playdough pictures, snap cubes, tracing exercises, life cycle sequencing, and so much more.

Butterflies aren’t the only bug popping up in the spring! Add these free butterfly coloring pages to more buggy resources to plan an entire unit in your preschool classroom with creepy crawly critters as your main focus.

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