Butterfly Preschool Theme

Learning about butterflies in your preschool classroom is one of the most exciting units you can plan all year for your students. There are just so many possibilities and routes you can take! However, careful planning is the key to hosting a butterfly theme in your classroom.

Butterfly Theme Calendar

Before starting any preshool theme, it’s important to organize your ideas into a tangible, executable plan. Even though students are young, it’s still important to cover certain subjects and foundational skills that will help your preschool students transition into kindergarten.

Once you have your calendar printed take the time to find activities and resources for each subject. If you are not runing a full-day preshool, don’t be so concerned about filling up every subject for every day. This is just meant to be a guide to help you make sure you are providing a variey of subjects and skills for your students.

Use the blank calendar to customize your plan or to add in any additional activities such as; Snacks, Songs, Field Trips, etc. This is a great spot to includes any additional activities and resources you’ve found that don’t necessarily fit into any of the main subject areas. Adding enrichment activities is a wonderful way to round out your preschool program.

Butterfly Lesson Plan for Preschool

Here on Preschool Mom we have a plethora of resources you can use to get started with your planning. Start with our Free Butterfly Preschool Printables, and then check out our Spring Fine Motor Packs.

Preschool Theme Calendar: Butterfly
Preschool Theme Calendar Blank: Butterfly

Butterfly Fine Motor Sheets

Our monthly Fine Motor Packs are the perfect foundation for starting to plan your monthly preschool themes. Each pack is filled with 60+ thematic hand-on learning activities including Geoboards, puzzles, brick pictures, tracing, mazes, pin & poke, cut & paste, sequencing, dab & dot, popsicle stick craftivity, puzzle block pictures and so much more! Don’t miss out on this fun, and inexpesive resource.

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