Free Butterfly Template for Preschool

Free Butterfly template and printables for butterfly crafts and activities. Our butterfly template is great for preschool crafts and kids activities. With thick black outlines this template can be used for a variety of hands-on activities.

Need some quick ideas using our butterfly template printable? We’ve got some easy, intermediate, and advanced ideas for your young ones! Your kids will love their new drawing skills while you enjoy igniting their imaginations. HINT: Find 30+ More Free Butterfly Templates here. You’ll find a huge variety of thick black outline butterfly templates.


Butterfly Template Crafts & Art Projects

This free butterfly template is designed for preschool, pre-K and even Kindergarten. It will give your students a lot of wiggle room for creativity. There are so many facets to a butterfly unit study- activities, crafts, games, book lists and more! Yet, you’ll be amazed at how a simple butterfly template will get their creative juices flowing!

Butterfly Preschool Craft

Butterfly Tracing

This easy butterfly template outline will help your child visually and tactically learn how to draw a butterfly. For young children, a simple way to teach the art of drawing is tracing — a butterfly outline is a perfect start!

Preschoolers can use crayons, colored pencils or washable markers. It’s a simple method, yet it will teach them how to draw a butterfly shape independently. In no time, your child will be able to draw a butterfly using freehand. Learn how to draw a butterfly here.

As they finish the first trace, the next layer can begin with another color. Pretty soon, your student will have a beautifully arranged rainbow colored butterfly shape!

Butterfly Craft: Dab & Dot Activity

Have you heard of daubers or dab and dot markers? If not, your preschooler is in for a real treat! These handy dabbers are shaped like markers, but fairly larger with a sponge like tip. They were created for little fingers with less mess and are non-toxic.

With just the dab of the dauber, your child can create a wonderful array of color. Try using symmetrical patterns straight, or zig zag patterns. The possibilities are endless! Grab some dot markers and let your kid have a ton of fun using the butterfly template!

Butterflies are amazing creatures – they seamlessly float in the air with their beauty and delicate features. It’s no wonder that kids love to watch and mimic their every move! That’s why we created this free butterfly template for preschool and younger.

Butterfly Preschool Activity: Pom-Pom Symmetry

Need to continue building pattern symmetry skills with your preschooler or toddler? Pick up some PomPoms and a dab of glue for this creative craft! The free and versatile butterfly template is a wonderful skill builder using a bit of guidance.

Using the image above, instruct your child to add the same colors evenly on each side. For example, add pompoms in a diagonal row on both sides of the butterfly’s wings.

In the middle of the butterfly outline, choose another complimentary color. Next, begin gluing vertically. They choose the colors, you lead them in the right direction! This would be a great time to introduce vertical and horizontal lines.

Butterfly Symmetry Art and Lesson

This easy and beautiful butterfly craft also teaches symmetry. You may wonder — why is symmetry so important when teaching preschoolers?

While children have a build in sense of symmetry and balance, these type of activities develop them even further! Their ability to recognize patterns strengthens along with their observation skills. Now that we’ve discussed these incredible skill builders, let’s get back to our subject – an engaging butterfly craft!

As you begin, don’t forget to print out several copies for your student or child. They will not stop at one after seeing his/her gorgeous creation! Next, grab 3 or 4 colors of washable paint. Let your child choose his or her favorite paint jars. Then, carefully fold the butterfly template in half.

Make sure to guide your child dropping just a few spots on only one side. Be careful not to make the drops too big! Also, be careful to stay in the lines as much as possible. Now gently close the butterfly up. In just a few seconds, viola, a gorgeous, colorful butterfly appears! After drying, don’t forget to show off your child’s masterpiece on the frig.

Butterfly Template

With just 4 simple ideas using a free butterfly template, it’s astounding at what your child can create! If you’d like to explore even more ideas, check out my Butterfly Preschool Printables for preschoolers. These Butterfly Preschool Resources are a wonderful supplement to your thematic unit. Don’t miss out on these valuable butterfly activities including life cycles, sequencing cards, coloring pages, and more!

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