Christmas Pom-Pom Activity Mats

Pom-Pom Activity Mats

If you have a preschool student, working on fine motor skills is important for developing the necessary small motor muscles students will need in the coming years. There are many ways to work on building fine motor control and this set of Christmas pom-pom activity mats is sure to help!

Christmas Baking Activity Mats

We’ve put together some free Christmas activity mats that will challenge your little ones! Each page features colored dots for students to place the correctly colored pom. There are many different sizes and colors of pom-poms available, and we recommend this set of 1″ poms for this activity.

Students can use their fingers to place the poms, or for an extra challenge, provide your students with extra large plastic tweezers. Using tweezers requires a much steadier hand, and continuous pressure to hold the ball in the grip.

Candy Cane & Cookie Mats

Our first set of Christmas pom-pom mats focuses on a Christmas Baking theme! These would be fantastic when paired with playdough as well, you might even make some gingerbread scented play dough of varying colors if you want to add a sensory element. Students could work on rolling the dough into balls to place on the mat.

Christmas Baking Pom Pom Mats

With this free Christmas Activity set you’ll receive a Christmas baker, a candy cane, a Christmas cupcake, and a Christmas cookie! These pages work wonderfully with magnetic poms on a cookie sheet as well.

Christmas Pom Pom Mats

Print this set on Cardstock or laminate for durability. This set includes 4 different Christmas baking mats.

Our second set of Christmas Pom-Pom Activity Mats features a variety of holiday elves! These little children have their holiday hats on and each page includes a rainbow of poms to align on the edges.

Christmas Kids Pom-Pom Mats

Show children how to place the poms in a row on each side of the mat and to cover the rainbow dots on the children’s hats.

Christmas Kids Pom-Pom Activity Mats

Print this set on cardstock or laminate for durability. This pack comes with six different Christmas kiddos.

Fine more Pom-Pom fun with this collection of no-prep fine motor building activities.

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