Christmas Tree Math Mat: Addition Learning Games

Free Christmas Math Printables

Once your preschool student has a good handle on their numbers, you might try working on simple addition facts. Addition is easily taught using objects or manipulatives to visually represent numbers. We’ve created a set of fun addition cards your student can use to visually represent the solution to a variety of addition problems to 15. Christmas break is coming up and this Christmas math pack is the perfect way to add some hands-on learning over the holiday.

While this set includes a HUGE varitey of adition cards with solutions up to 15. However, if this is your preschool students first introduction to addition, you might start by presenting the simplest equations first. Then, once your student has the concept down, you can add in more difficult addition cards.

Christmas Math Activity Mat

The Christmas Tree Addition worksheet can be used with various objects, such as play dough, pom-poms, and even peppermint candies. This pack includes one Christmas Tree mat, and a total of 96 math cards. There are four math equations per sheet, however, you can print multiple pages per sheet if you’d like smaller addition cards. We recommend printing on cardstock or laminating for durability.

Christmas Math Worksheet

You can introduce the concept of addition by first showing your child how to add the right amount of ornaments to the tree. So if you had an addition card that read 6 + 1, then you would first instruct the child to place 6 ornaments on the tree. Next, you instruct the child to add 1 more to the tree. Finally, have your student count up all the ornaments that have been placed on the tree and orally solve the equation, “6+1=7.” You might even have your student write the equations on a separate sheet of paper.

Christmas Ornament Addition Activity

Print these playdough activity mats and addition cards on cardstock for durability.

Gingerbread Play Dough Recipe

If you are looking for a fun play dough recipe to pair with these Christmas Addition mats, try our free Gingerbread Play Dough recipe. This scented dough is super soft and will add some sensory fun to your learning.

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