December Preschool Themes

December is a wonderful time of year with so many events to look forward to during this special season. It’s also a great opportunity to have exciting things to do for the kids in the classroom. You’ll find a ton of fun and independent learning tools with our December Preschool Themes.

It’s time to grab these free December Preschool Themes including December Printables, Worksheets, Activities and more! If you are thinking about December Preschool Lessons, don’t forget to see our free winter activities below!

Our winter printables and activities will thrill the kids with cold-weather topics like Christmas, Candy Canes, Winter, and Gingerbread! We’ve also got December Fine Motor Skill Packet with 60+ thematic, hands-on ideas perfect for your precious preschoolers!

Gingerbread Preschool Printables

Gingerbread is so yummy and such much fun at the same time! While a Gingerbread Playdough Recipe adds flavor to your day, try a Gingerbread Math game for added Gingerbread activities!

Christmas Preschool Printables

Christmas is the best part of the December season! With our Christmas Preschool Themes choices of Christmas Tree Mats, Christmas Preschool Printables, 12 Days of Christmas Worksheets, and a ton more to try!

Winter Preschool Printables

You’ll find our WInter Preschool Printables pretty chilly with our Artic Animals, snowflakes, snowmen and hot cocoa to warm up your cold nose after diving into our Winter Printable Worksheets!

Candy Cane Preschool Printables

Candy Canes are not only yummy, they also have significant meaning — J for Jesus! You’ll find a Candy Cane Playdough Recipe, printables, worksheets, minibooks and more!

December Preschool Themes

Here are some more exciting December Preschool Theme ideas you can use for your homeschool or classroom. This winter season is a wonderful reminder how much fun there is even when it’s cold outside!

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