As your child reaches preschool age, you realize fine motor skills milestones are important. Yet, you’re also aware that your child needs to learn the alphabet too. Why not combine both key elements for preschoolers to discover Fine Motor ABCs!

Fine Motor Skills Milestones

If you are new or need a refresher on the term ‘fine motor skills’, you’ll want to find out why these small muscle movements are so important. Plus, you’ll want to grab some examples of Fine Motor Skills Milestones.

Now that we’ve established the what and why you should consider teaching your child fine motor skill movements, let’s discuss the best resources to provide easy, low cost preschool solutions.

Fine Motor Alphabet Resources

The preschool age is such a delight to watch as they explore, grows in leaps and bounds, and find discoveries every day. Yet, whether you are in the classroom or at home, it can be overwhelming wondering what fine motor resources are an all-in-one, affordable, and of course, absolutely amazing!

We want our children to stay engaged in learning. And, we know young children learn best with hands-on activities. But, finding easy and budget-conscious solutions can be hard to come by. As Preschool Moms, we want to stay stress-free with low prep resources and easy to implement preschool solutions.

Fine Motor Skills Examples for Preschoolers

Have you thought about teaching your child the alphabet using simple Sign Language or ASL (American Sign Language) ? Not only will they learn their ABCs or letters in sign language, your child will also strengthen their fine motor skills all at the same time!

And, I have a wonderful interactive activity for you that’s the perfect fine motor skills example for preschoolers. In fact, it’s the complete preschool package. They’ll be able to easily identify 26 Alphabet Signs and 26 written lower case letters while practicing fine motor skills!

Try American Sign Language ABC Minibooks!

The best part of these ASL minibooks is — the simplicity for preschool moms and teachers everywhere! With Fine Motor ABCs activities like this preschool packet, All YOU have to do is download the alphabet worksheets! Then, work on each letter including written and signing together. These preschool activities are flexible for your schedule and situation — it can be done in the classroom, while at home, in the car, or waiting for another sibling at an activity.

In addition, this pack includes 26 alphabet mini books featuring beginning letter signs. Plus, each booklet includes examples of three different ASL signs that begin with that letter.

Fine Motor Skills Tasks

The best thing about fine motor skills tasks like this one is they don’t feel like work for preschoolers. Plus, this is considered ‘frustration-free packaging’ for moms and teachers! Your child will get excited showing family and friends their newfound signing skills sets. Signing all 26 Alphabet letters using ASL is a HUGE fine motor skill milestone.

Plus, research proves that using all or most senses helps us remember what we learn. Your child is using most of their senses including hearing, touching, and seeing with these wonderful American Sign Language ABC Minibooks.

If you love this Fine Motor ABC resource, you’ll find an even greater fine motor activity package! Get excited –it includes everything you need to set your preschooler up for a successful year!

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