Fine Motor Alphabet Mats

As preschool moms, we desire the best for our children. And, part of our desire is to educate them while cultivating a love for learning. With just a little ingenuity, it’s possible to incorporate their favorite toys with these fun and flexible Fine Motor Alphabet Mats!

Why Fine Motor Skills are Important

You may wonder, why are developing fine motor skills necessary for preschoolers? Thankfully, young children naturally use many of these small skill sets on a daily basis. Yet, other fine motor movements, require some intentional quiet time.

For example, young kids trigger little muscle movements just by naturally playing with small items, buttoning clothing, turning pages, and eating. Easy peasy, right?

Yet, other fine motor skills like cutting, writing, and drawing will need more guidance. And, we as parents, need just a little nudging to support these important skills. It’s very simple to do in a fun and engaging way using a few key steps.

Alphabet LEGO Mats:

Now, how do we get our preschoolers to practice this critical milestone? By using their own favorite toys as tools! Let me demonstrate.If you have LEGOs, you are covered with the right tools to begin honing in on important fine motor movements. And, I have a great solution for you to help guide motivate your child in getting his/her creative juices going!

With these fine motor worksheets, not only will your preschool child learn their ABCs, they also will strength mall muscle movements.

How to Build Fine Motor Skills in Young Children

With just a few LEGO building bricks with sizes 2×2, 2×3, and 2×4, you can begin immediately teaching your child alphabet activities. This includes learning the upper case and lower case letters using bricks!

This Fine Motor Alphabet: Brick Building Math Mats printable is easy to use, easy on the budget, and perfect as a teaching tool.

Not only will your child use fine motor skills with LEGOs, they will also report their answers practicing writing skills.

Why Use Fine Motor Alphabet Brick Mats

The best way to learn at a young age is using a kinestetic or multisensory approach. And, using familiar objects while applying new concepts is the perfect way for these amazing learning centers.

With Fine Motor Alphabet: Brick Building Math Mats, your preschool child will not just be practicing math through counting. They’ll also have important hands on tools to learn their alphabet and practice writing skills.

With these incredibly valuable and printable fine motor worksheets, your child will have a well-rounded knowledge of key learning areas — math, letter formation, and spatial development.

And, it doesn’t just stop here — we have a ton of fine motor skill resources and a HUGE growing list of fine motor skill activities using the ABCs! You’ll give your preschool child a wonderful advantage of increasing their knowledge while having a ton of fun using a variety of hands on materials.

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