Fine Motor Alphabet Phonics

Learning about letter sounds is an important step in the road to reading. Students who know their letter sounds can then begin to blend two letter sounds together to build word chunks. These fine motor alphabet worksheets help lay the foundation for letter recognition and letter sounds.

Additionally, with these fun fine motor activities, your preschool students will be building fine motor sills they will need for handwriting and developmental tasks in the future.

Alphabet Fine Motor Skills

Each activity page features a beginning word picture for students to dab and color. Students use the coloring guide in the upper left hand corner. There is one color for uppercase letters, and one color for lowercase letters. This will help preschool students build necessary letter identification skills.

The border of these printable worksheets also includes a space for children to dab. Each border had a pattern of colors that students can continue across the top and bottom of the picture frame.

Encourage your students to say the letter sound aloud each time they dab a circle. For vowels, you can start with either the short or long sound (based on the picture) then talk with students about other sounds that vowel can make….providing a few examples.

These fine motor skills worksheets are designed to bring the FUN back into learning. Students work on key alphabet phonics skills and motor development while having fun decorating an adorable picture.

Our Fine Motor Dab & Dot Alphabet pack includes all 26 letters of the alphabet and is now available in our TPT store here. Pair this with our Letter of the Week program for extra practice!

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