3D Shapes Chart

Looking for classroom tools to help teach shapes? Try our free Shapes Charts! Our printable preschool shape charts are a wonderful addition to any classroom or homeschool. These vibrant and colorful visuals will just pop in your classroom and kids. Looking for our Shape of the Week Program? Check out our interactive hands-on shape preschool program today!

3D Shapes Anchor Charts

Use these 3D shapes anchor charts for teaching not only shapes, but sight words, letter sounds, colors, unique objects, and more. If you have older students, try this 3D Shape Anchor Chart as it lists the edges, vertices, and attributes of each shape. These are so many ideas on how you can use shape charts:

  • Laminate and display in your classroom or binder
  • Add it to an independent notebook
  • Use a printer to scale it down for flashcards sizes or morning board review

3D Shapes Chart

3D shapes are easy to teach with our 3 D shapes chart that includes: triangular pyramid, pentagonal pyramid, hexagonal prim, pyramid, cone, triangular prism, cuboid, hemisphere, cube, cylinder, hexagonal pyramid, and pentagonal prism.

3D Shapes Objects Chart

Teach your students the 3D shapes using these objects: balloon, cookie jar, pyramid, cereal box, cubes, cone and tent.

Triangular Prism Shapes Chart

Find Triangular Prism Shapes with your students by learning with objects: cake, tent, cheese wedge, pie, house top, home, cheese and watermelon slice.

Printable 3D Shapes Chart

Pyramid Shapes Chart

Teach your students all about pyramids using this shape chart including a pyramid, glass building, clock, building roof, electrical tower, mailbox post, and teepee.

Rectangular Prism Shapes Chart

Your students will learn all about rectangular Prisms using this shape chart that includes a juice box, cereal, popsicle, steps, purse, door, book, butter, legos, and aquarium.

Sphere Shapes Chart

Help your students identify spheres using this shape chart to include: ornaments, balloon, basketball, disco ball, orange, marbles, beach ball, door knob, crystal ball and Saturn.

Cone Shapes Chart

Your students will learn all about cone shapes using these objects: funnel, traffic cone, party hat, top, piñata, ice cream cone, witch’s hat, timer, and megaphone.

Cube Shapes Chart

Teach your students cube shapes with many of these objects in your house: blocks, sugar cube, Rubik’s cube, watermelon cube, ice cube, gift, box, die, and dresser.

Cylinder Shapes Chart

The cylinder shape can be found on many of our common household items including: battery, hat, tennis ball container, cake, marker, spray can, drum and cookie jar.

Shape-of-the-Week is a no-prep, print-&-go curriculum that covers 10 exciting shapes! With daily hands-on activities, students learn about circles, triangles, squares and more.

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