Preschool Themes for October: Pumpkins, Bats, and More!

It’s that beautiful time of year again. October is a wonderful month to still enjoy warmer weather while gazing at the autumn colors. While you may need your jacket, enjoy that comforting sunshine outdoors with your exploring little ones. It’s also time for Preschool Themes in October: Pumpkins, Harvest Festivals, Silly Monsters, Bats, and Trunk and Treat!

Pumpkin Projects for Preschool

As beautifully colored fall leaves drop, pumpkins make their grand entrance on porches and patios everywhere. It’s also a gentle reminder that kids love to carve out a pumpkin with their parents. What a great way to introduce themed activities like the Parts of a Pumpkin?!! Or, why not discover the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin, Pumpkins Games, Pumpkin Crafts and more!

In addition, grab these free Fall Pumpkin Math Mats that are perfect for preschoolers. It’s a great math tool with just the pumpkin printable provided, counting items (candy, coins, etc), and one or two dice.

Bat Books for Boys and Girls

Got a boy or girl who loves all about bats? Here are some fun bat books your preschooler or young one will love to read with you.

But, before we show you — here are some fun facts about bats. Did you know that bats are well-groomed, considered pollinators like bees and eat lots of pesky bugs? Plus, they are great for the environment and we need them on our planet.

Here’s a simple starter list of bat readers your preschooler will enjoy:

Silly Monster Printables

Monsters don’t have to be scary — in fact, there are a lot of funny looking monsters your kids will think are super silly! Plus, throw in some learning love including the alphabet, numbers, and sizes.

You’ll find a ton of silly and free monster preschool printables with marvelous monster books, monster games, and monster math mat.

Harvest Festival Ideas

Speaking of math, you’ll have plenty of October Preschool Theme ideas with our Harvest Math worksheets!  These three fall-inspired math printables are designed to add fun activities in your classroom. Some of these harvest-themed number worksheets include tally marks, addition and following directions.  

Need some ideas for Sunday School or Bible Club around the fall season? Grab these free fall bible printables your kids or classroom will enjoy as you discover adorable bible verse cards, parts of a pumpkin, and more!

Trunk and Treat Ideas

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, the fall holiday presents a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel.  As an alternative, many churches provide a Harvest Festival or Truck and Treat event.

A Truck and Treat time allows a safe environment and alternative to Trick or Treat. Many families drive to a designated parking spot and open their trucks filled with treats, toys, and tracks.

A fun way to spread the good news is providing bible verses to trunk party goers. We have some Fall Festivities worksheets, Fall Building Bricks activities and Halloween Bible printables including bible verses, coloring pages, pumpkin prayers, and more!

Preschool Themes for October

Take advantage of the fall month of October by helping your preschooler learn about the color of the leaves, unique animals that are really not “spooky”, and of course, anything pumpkin-related!

Regardless of whether you are planning for a classroom of preschoolers or at home with one, find innovate ways to incorporate learning using these wonderful October themes for preschool.

And, don’t forget, fine motor skills can be ‘fine tuned’ for lesson planning with my Fine Motor October preschool packs! They are super inexpensive, fun for kids, and they’ll have fun while practicing writing, ABCs, and building their cognitive abilities. Grab these learning activities for a fun filled day of pumpkins and spiders!

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