Where to Find Printable Math Games

When teaching preschoolers math, make sure everyone is having fun! The more fun kids have, the more willing they’ll be to learn important skills. That’s why it’s great to have printable math games on hand. Not only will your kids love playing these math games, you’ll love how convenient it is to download with a click of a button.

Where to Find Printable Math Games

You know how important it is to have printable math games on hand, but do you know where to find these printables? These websites are great resources for printable math games that are age-appropriate for preschoolers.

Preschool Mom

This site (yes – you’re in the RIGHT place!) is all about fun printable math games for preschoolers. Preschool Mom has great resources you can use to teach number recognition, counting, and patterns to your preschooler. Your preschooler will love using these printable math games to practice these math skills.

  • Dino Math Pack – Introduce your preschooler to counting and beginning math equations with this dino-riffic printable pack. Your preschooler can use dinosaurs to help count groups, as well as putting together simple addition problems.
  • Dino Pattern Pack – Can your preschooler recognize patterns? This printable math games gives your preschooler plenty of practice to show off those pattern skills!
  • Number Bingo Pack – Bingo is a great game to use when learning numbers.This printable math game helps your preschooler learn numbers 1-5.
  • Button Counting Game – Practice counting numbers up to 10 with this fun math game! Your preschooler will love using buttons as manipulatives to learn this important math skill.

File Folder Fun

File Folder Fun is a great place to download printable math games. All of these games are geared towards helping preschoolers learn important math skills, from sorting to counting.

  • Count and Clip Cards – This game is a hands-on activity that your preschooler will love! Your preschooler will get to count groups of items and use a paper clip to mark their answers.
  • Simple Shapes Sorting Game – Shapes and sorting are both math skills your preschooler needs to know. This game combines both skills in a fun way that your preschooler will love.
  • Cupcake Counting Game – Not only will your preschooler get to practice counting with this math game, they’ll also get to practice putting those numbers in order!
  • Tangram Game – Tangrams serve different learning purposes for your preschooler. In addition to familiarizing your preschooler with shapes, it also gives the child the chance to practice fine motor skills!

Kindergarten Mom

Kindergarten Mom has a ton of printable math games you can download for your child. These games are great for preschoolers that know their numbers and are working are more difficult skills, such as counting, making groups of 10, and even skip counting! These printable math games can help your preschooler practice these advanced skills.

  • Number Worksheets – Number practice is important for preschoolers since it helps them become more familiar with numbers. This printable math pack gives your preschooler plenty to practice in a fun way.
  • Skip Count Pack – This adorable printable will expose your preschooler to the concept of skip counting. Kids love working their way through this puzzle, trying to find their way from start to finish.
  • Make 10 Pack – Making groups of 10 is a great way to introduce addition to your preschooler. This printable helps teach preschoolers how to add two numbers together in order to make 10.
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  • Interactive Math – It’s important to make math fun, which is why this interactive math pack is so great! It helps teach kids important math skills, all in a fun and interactive way.

Math should be fun for preschoolers. Using these printable math games to teach preschoolers math will ensure that each child is learning appropriate math skills while also developing a love for learning.

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