Preschool Classroom Printables

These free preschool printables will add some flair and creativity to your homeschool or preschool classroom. You’ll find printable charts, station charts, bin labels, bulletin board charts, classroom guides and more. These are great when used as posters to hang throughout your classroom.

Color Charts

Grab 15 Free Preschool Color Charts to help your student learn their colors easily! Plus, teaching children with Color Charts helps them recognize common sight words and be more descriptive in their speech.

Number Charts

Free printable preschool number charts to help develop counting and math skills. We’ve got a beautiful array of free watercolor number charts ranging from 0 – 30. These are great for printing and hanging in your Number of the Day boards, or for Circle Time activities.

Shape Charts

Learning to recognize shapes in every day objects is a breeze with our free printable shape charts. Students will learn about circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, diamond, crescents, trapezoids, parallelograms, semi-circles and more!

3D Shapes Chart

Preschool is a great time to introduce your student to 3D shapes! These charts help students visualize pyramids, prisms, cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders and more!

Preschool Charts

Free preschool charts for classroom organization! These printable charts are just the right size for organizing your preschool classroom. Each poster prints large enough to hang or display in each designated station area.

Preschool Bin Labels

60 Free Preschool Bin Labels to help you organize your classroom. This set of preschool labels includes colorful and unique designs you can use for classroom organization. Labeling your bins will help you and your students quickly identify bin contents with visual cues. 

Preschool Behavior Charts

Our Preschool Behavior Charts are a great way to encourage your students to use critical thinking skills! These printable behavior charts are just right for circle time discussions. Our charts include Correct and Incorrect behaviors for simple comparisons.

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