Preschool Themes for December: Christmas, Jesus, and more!

There’s nothing quite like the month of December. The anticipation of all that the season brings, including the presents, gorgeous trees, and delicious gingerbread cookies. Yet, all of this is possible because of the one we adore and celebrate — Jesus! Speaking about this wonderful time of year, let’s get to our Preschool themes for December: Christmas, Gingerbread, Christmas Trees, Candy Canes, and of course, Jesus!

Christmas Trees Activity Mats

Don’t you just love the fragrance of a fresh, live tree lit up with glowing bright lights and sentimental ornaments? And, with every ornament placed carefully on the tree, a flood of memories swoon in and make us smile. It’s one of my favorite decorations of the holiday season.

If you’re looking for fun holiday Christmas Tree activities for the kids, try these Christmas Tree Activity Mats. Why not celebrate the holiday season and get some schoolwork done with some preschool math skills. And, of course, nothing beats the sounds of free!

Plus, here are some free math printables that will not break the budget!

Christmas Holiday Printables

Oh, the joys of the holiday season are upon us and what better December Theme for preschoolers than the Christmas holiday?!! And, it’s even more special when you get to homeschool and celebrate Christmas all at the same time! Here are some fun Christmas Holiday crafts and activities, including many Christmas freebies, your kids will enjoy and cherish:

Gingerbread Activities

I guarantee these Playdough Christmas Mats will be a hit at the house this year! With Gingerbread cookie playdough mats and Gingerbread Man templates, your students will love to roll, cut and play with these their own gingerbread cookies. Of course, the play dough will smell just like gingerbread — sensory activities at its best!

Here’s another fun gingerbread activity if your child is learning to count from 11 to 20. This free printable hands-on Christmas Game will give your child lots of great practice with your preschooler’s budding math skills. If you are looking for resources to help your student begin counting, check out our Free Number Printables.

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Thanks to an amazing man who lived on this earth sin-free and died for all of us, we can enjoy this special month of December. Jesus is the reason for the season. I have some wonderful Christian Resources for you to share with your children or students.

First of all, Jesus’ name is above all names and here is a fun activity to do with the kids, and it’s all free! Our Names of Jesus Advent Printables are 25 days of family activities, crafts, and devotions. You can print out the beautifully illustrated ornaments for decorations or gifts. Or, print out the black and white coloring pages of ornaments for your kids to color themselves.

Your child may also enjoy a coloring page of ‘Jesus Loves Me’ with our Jesus Bible Coloring Page. While it may seem appropriate for Valentine’s Day with hearts and love, this is also perfect for the Christmas season as well.

Candy Canes Printables

Speaking of Jesus, your children will adore these ‘J is for Jesus’ candy cane printables.  This exclusive candy cane activity is simply a mini book made into a story strip format you can use in a homeschool or classroom setting. You can include the purchase of candy canes to make a special treat.

While we’re on the subject, there are plenty of Candy Cane books for reading to compliment the candy cane theme. In addition, The Legend of the Candy Cane is such a delight around Christmas!  These books remind of his consistent love for us, not only our children but also we as parents! You may also consider J is for Jesus, another wonderful holiday story about how the candy can represents the gospel message.  

And, while you’re on the subject, grab a free Legend of the Candy Cane free printable and fun collection of adorable and amazing Candy Cane printables right here!

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