Fine Motor Fun with Pom Poms

As a preschool mom, we always want to prepare our child for the next level of skill sets. Yet, we know their young minds need fun activity while learning each new skill set. It’s also the perfect time for play and a ton of imagination with fine motor fun!

That’s why I’ve created many options for child development when choosing the perfect set of great fine motor activities. Yet, while designing, I kept in mind us moms who are on a budget. We’re always looking for free and affordable preschool resources that are easy to do with our creative preschooler and/or kindergartener.

Importance of Fine Motor Skills

While we’ve talked extensively about the importance of fine motor skills, you may be fairly new to the concept. What are Fine Motor Skills? While I explain fine motor movement in several areas of this growing website, but let’s discuss the fine motor definition in a nutshell.

Fine Motor activities are essentially the small movements of tiny muscles found in our hands and fingers. Some fine motor examples that includes hand eye coordination with small pieces are writing, cutting, buttoning, and more. As you can surmise, all of our lives we use these small muscle motor movements. And, preparing them now will give them a huge advantage in life.

How to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Wondering how to improve fine motor skills with preschoolers but include fine motor fun? Wonder no more — there are so many ways to improve fine motor skills! And, of course, have a blast in the process!

Besides play dough, building blocks, and cutting there are a plethora of ways — how about getting the kids excited and creative with Pom Poms? Pom Pom crafts are cheap, changeable, and certainly colorful!

And, I’m so excited to share with you a ton of free resources to choose from — plus, you’ll find even more pom pom activities in my Fall Fine Motor Bundle. Or, if you’d like a year round fine motor activity collection, check out my constantly growing year round fine motor bundle.

Butterfly Pom Pom Activities

 However, maybe you have a sweet princess or prince who enjoys the beauty of butterflies. You can find several free resources that include the wonderful world of pom poms with my vast butterfly printables collection.

You’d be surprised how much your child can learn with a butterfly — you can teach math, symmetry, and art all at the same time!

Robot Fine Motor Development Activities 

Got a budding engineer who adores all things robot? I’ve got just the thing for you — you’ll absolutely love this set of Robot Pom-Pom activity mats! These mats are perfect for strengthening fine motor skills with your preschoolers. And, the best part — they are free robot printables!

I’ve shared with you why it’s important to develop fine motor skills, how to build fine motor skills, and many creative fine motor resources that are available. Would you like even more fine motor fun using key learning activities?

Don’t miss out on our fine motor skills page that contains all you need for your imaginative preschooler. Plus, our Fine Motor Bundle in the Crafty Classroom store will keep your school age kids engaged and building each and every month.

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